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Mazzella Supertechlon Polyester Round Sling, Endless, Vertical Load Capacity

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Series Number
Upper Temperature Range
194  Degrees Fahrenheit
Specification Met
Material Type
Style Name
Brand Name
Mazzella Lifting Technologies
Special Features
Vertical, Choker, Basket

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Blue 14 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004V9HGIA Usually ships in 3 to 5 weeks $196.92 Buy Options
Blue 12 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004NSVK86 10 $165.83 Buy Options
Blue 30 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004NSVKD6 1 $383.78 Buy Options
Blue 24 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004NSVKC2 6 $251.84 Buy Options
Blue 16 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004NSVK9A 1 $196.98 Buy Options
Blue 10 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004V9HGAI 1 $142.23 Buy Options
Blue 8 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004V9HG76 1 $129.79 Buy Options
Blue 18 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004V9D454 Usually ships in 3 to 5 weeks $240.34 Buy Options
Blue 6 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004V9HG3K 1 $95.17 Buy Options
Blue 20 ft 3 1/2" 24000 lbs B004NSVKAO 6 $240.86 Buy Options
Brown 20 ft 2 1/8" 18000 lbs B004NSVKAY 6 $211.86 Buy Options
Brown 24 ft 2 1/8" 18000 lbs B004NSVKCC 1 $223.56 Buy Options
Brown 16 ft 2 1/8" 18000 lbs B004NSVK9K 2 $165.56 Buy Options
Green 12 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HBCQ 1 $72.69 Buy Options
Green 10 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HB2Q 1 $60.68 Buy Options
Green 8 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HAZ4 8 $43.35 Buy Options
Green 6 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HAOA 2 $39.90 Buy Options
Green 4 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HAFO 2 $29.76 Buy Options
Green 3 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HA9K 1 $27.78 Buy Options
Green 16 ft 1 3/4" 6000 lbs B004V9HBXA 5 $31.64 Buy Options

Key Features

  • Polyester single-path round sling for heavy-duty lifting in shipbuilding, construction, and other industrial applications
  • Double polyester covers surround load-bearing yarns for abrasion and cut resistance
  • Endless (also called type 5 or grommet) sling for vertical, choker, and basket lifting configurations
  • Color-coded outer cover for quickly determining load capacity
  • Meets ASME B30.9 and OSHA 1910.184 specifications

Product Description

The Mazzella Supertechlon endless single-path round sling has polyester internal load-bearing core yarns and double polyester covers for lifting heavy loads in lifting applications such as shipbuilding, construction, and other industries. Two abrasion- and cut-resistant layers of heavy-duty polyester webbing protect the sling's internal polyester load-bearing yarns. If the inner layer is visible from beneath the outer layer, the sling should be removed from service and repaired. The external polyester webbing is soft to avoid scratching fragile or delicate loads, and it is flexible to conform to irregularly shaped loads.

This endless (also called type 5 or grommet) round sling is made of a continuous loop of webbing formed by joining the ends of the webbing with a load-bearing splice, and can be used in vertical, choker, and basket lifting configurations. The load-bearing or wear points of an endless round sling can be rotated each time it is used, which can help increase its life when compared to an eye-and-eye round sling. The outer cover is color-coded to quickly determine the sling's load capacity and is embroidered with black stripes; each stripe represents 3,000 lb. of capacity. This sling meets American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) specification B30.9 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specification 1910.184.

Slings are used to lift heavy objects for industrial applications. Types of slings include web slings, wire rope slings, chain slings, and mesh slings. The appropriate type of sling for an application depends on the strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility and resistance to bending, resistance to abrasion and cutting, resistance to crushing, resistance to stretching, and resistance to high temperatures and other environmental stressors. Slings have one, two, three, or four legs; or a continuous loop of webbing or wire rope. Legs are support branches that extend from a single point at the top of the sling to the item being lifted so the weight of the load is distributed evenly among the branches. Slings have eyes (loops) or alloy steel fittings on the ends.

A vertical lifting configuration connects a crane hook directly to a load with a single, vertical sling, usually by means of a hook. In a choker configuration, the sling wraps entirely around the load, and one loop passes through the other to form a slip noose, or choker. In a basket configuration, the sling passes under the load and both ends of the sling connect to the crane hook. Load capacity is the maximum weight to be lifted in a vertical configuration. The capacity in a choker configuration is approximately equal to the vertical capacity times 0.8. The capacity in a basket configuration, with sling ends at a 90-degree angle, is approximately equal to twice the vertical capacity. Load capacity in a basket configuration decreases if the angle of the sling is less than 90 degrees. For example, a sling with a capacity of 2,000 lb. in a vertical configuration will have an approximate capacity of (2,000)(0.8)=1,600 lb. in a choker configuration and an approximate capacity of (2,000)(2)=4,000 lb. in a basket configuration, if the sling ends are at a 90-degree angle to the load.

Mazzella Lifting Technologies manufactures lifting solutions including slings, cranes, and hoists. Founded in 1954, the company is headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

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