Hand File Style

  • Combination rasp files feature a rasp on one side, and another type of hand file on the other.
  • File handles are attached to the end of a file for providing a surface to grip while filing.
  • Needle files are small, narrow files suitable for filing small holes and other small spaces. They are also available in sets.
  • Rasps are course cut files suitable for rapid removal of materials. They include Farrier rasp files, double-ended rasp files, Farrier diamond rasp files, combination chisel/wood rasps, and combination chisel/wood rasp sets.
  • Riffler files have various cross-sectional shapes and are suitable for use in unusually shaped objects or hard-to-reach areas. They are also available in sets.
  • Toothed hand files have teeth, rather than abrasive grit, for filing and finishing surfaces.