Return Shipping

Return Shipping Costs

You'll be charged a single flat fee for each return shipment, plus a smaller fee for each item in that shipment. In each return shipment, the item with the highest per-shipment cost determines the per-shipment fee; per-item charges are applied according to the products you're returning.

Return Shipping Costs
Product CategoryPer ShipmentPer Item
Automotive, Electronics, Furniture, Grocery, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Kitchen & Housewares, Tools & Hardware, Industrial & Scientific, Office Products$4.99$0.59/lb
Any combination of the above itemsHighest applicable per-shipment chargeAs above

Drop-off Locations

If you received a pre-paid label from, you have two potential drop off locations:

  1. USPS: You can drop the package off at any USPS location when using this label. For a list of locations, please visit: .

    Sample USPS Label

  2. UPS: You can drop the package off at any UPS location when using this label. For a list of locations, please visit: .

    Sample UPS label

Heavy/Bulky Items Delivered by Specialty Carriers

If you need to return a heavy or bulky item that was delivered by a specialty carrier (e.g., CEVA, ABF, Pilot), please visit our Online Returns Center . The Returns Center will guide you through the return process and may ask you to contact our specialized customer service team, which can schedule the pick up of your item.

NOTE: Please do not refuse the delivery of your item. In order to ensure the return and refund are processed correctly, please visit our Online Returns Center .

UPS Pickups

After you request a UPS pickup, a UPS driver will arrive at your address with a shipping label within the next 1-5 business days. If you aren't home when they arrive, they'll make up to three consecutive attempts for the pickup. If you can't be home when the pickup occurs, please leave the package in a secure location where the UPS driver will have access to it. Please also be sure you've described the defect, damage, or error and include that in the returned package. If the original packaging if it is still available, please be sure to return the item in that packaging.

NOTE: The cost of return shipping may be deducted from your refund.

Cancel Pickup Request

Once a UPS pickup has been requested, it's not possible to cancel that request until after the first pickup attempt has been made. UPS will make up to three pickup attempts. After the first pickup attempt, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) and try to cancel future pickup attempts. Be sure to have your tracking number handy if you do call them.