Load Capacity

Load capacity is expressed in pounds, and listed for individual casters. To establish the appropriate caster capacity for a load, you need to determine how many casters are required, and how much weight will be placed upon the casters. To determine the required caster capacity, divide the maximum weight of the load by the number of casters used for the application. Caster capacity must be equal to, or greater than, the result.

Consideration should be given to floor surfaces (rough or smooth), environmental conditions such as temperature, and possible obstructions such as thresholds, joints, and floor plates. Possibility of shock loads (impact of a dropped load) will affect load capacity. Wheel diameter and tread width can also affect the determination of appropriate load capacity.

Load capacities vary, depending on light, medium, heavy-duty, and specialty applications such as industrial operations. Manufacturer load capacity application range varies greatly within the caster industry.