Grit Size

Grit TypeCoarser grits have smaller grit size numbers and remove high volumes of material, while finer grits have larger grit size numbers but remove a smaller amount of material. For example, a coarse grit for rapid material removal or large dimensional changes would be around 40. Very fine grit for sanding between coats of paint and creating a fine surface finish would be around 240, while ultra-fine grit for final sanding and polishing would be around 1000.

P-graded abrasive grains are held to a closer tolerance than non-P-graded abrasives. This means that P-graded abrasives offer a more consistent surface finish, but the grit size will still be a number which indicates coarseness or fineness. For example: P100 will be a medium grit, with a more consistent surface finish than an equivalent medium, 100-grit abrasive.

Grit Size RangeActual Grit Values
Extra Coarse1 to 35 grit
Coarse36 to 50 grit
Medium60 to 100 grit
Fine120 to 280 grit
Extra Fine300 to 400 grit
Super Fine500 to 1000 grit
Ultra Fine1200+ grit, and all micron sizes