Two Ways to Sign In

Why two ways to sign in?

We're keeping existing user accounts in place, while introducing account functionality so that we can add more buying and purchasing features to the website.

  • If you're an existing customer, you can continue to use your existing account, which will give you access to your order history and payment information, and allow you to place new orders.
  • Using an account allows you to use your existing payment information and address book at Plus, you'll be able to use certain features on AmazonSupply, such as the corporate line of credit and . (Learn more about Amazon Prime)

So which should I use - account or account?

Use your account to take advantage of features like purchasing on a line of credit and . Use your existing account to maintain access to your legacy account information and order history. accounts will continue to work at

How do I get an Corporate Line of Credit?

Learn More and then apply online at

How do I sign up for ?

  • Go to to get started.
  • Note: You must make a purchase on to activate the free trial.

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Can I change my user account information when signed in at

You may update your account on either site; if you change your password during a visit to, then you'll want to remember to use your new password when you log in to

Can I create a new account?

No. All accounts created on after October 21, 2010 will be new user accounts, and may be used to sign in at both and