Threaded Rods & Studs Types

  • Equal thread length rods and studs

    Equal thread length rods and studs are double-ended threaded studs that have an equal number of threads on each side and a smooth body in-between. Threads can be right-handed on one end and left-handed on the other. The studs may also have hollow centers to allow venting, or they may have female threads on the inside of the stud.

  • Fully threaded rods and studs

    Fully threaded rods and studs, are threaded along their entire length with either right- or left-handed threads. They are useful where quick assembly and disassembly are needed. This style of fastener is sometimes called an "All Thread" rod. 

  • Press-in captive studs

    Press-in captive studs, also known as self-clinching studs, are placed into a punched or drilled hole and squeezed into place with a standard press. The squeezing action embeds the head of the stud into the panel, creating a flush-head assembly and securely locking the stud into the panel with high torque-out and push-out resistances.

  • Unequal thread length studs

    Unequal thread length studs are double-ended thread studs that have a different number of threads on each end and a smooth body in-between. There is a self-locking version of these studs that have threads suitable for a nut on one end and threads for a tapped hole on the other end.