Can I request a full-line catalog? And, searching for Part Numbers from a Small Parts Paper Catalog

We no longer print a paper catalog. Our full catalog is available right here on!

Though we no longer print a paper catalog, we realize that many of our customers still use an old version of the Small Parts paper catalog. In order to help you shop for products found in a paper catalog, we decided to put together some tips that may help.

For catalogs other than number 22-B, the part numbers will most likely have a prefix (e.g. B-, E-, O-, etc.). To search for a part on, you will first need to remove this prefix. For example, a threaded rod identified in the catalog as ‘O-TRX-0090’ can be searched on using the keyword ‘TRX-0090’.

If you cannot find the product after removing the prefix, try removing some of the last numbers that sometimes indicate length or pack size. For example, I may see part number GWXX-0150-30 in a catalog. The last "30" in the part number indicates a length of 30 inches. This search does not return results, but if I search for the keyword 'GWXX-0150', I may find that the same wire is offered in a different length.

If you want to view other available diameters of the wire above, you can simply search for 'GWXX' to see our entire selection of Stainless Steel 316LVM Wire.

If you still cannot find your product, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-220-4242.

Please note that we are growing and changing our selection, and we may not currently carry the exact product you need or we may carry something different than the products you see in your catalog. If we no longer carry a product that you want, please let us know by emailing