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Metal Industrial Wall Tubing

Metal industrial wall tubing, also called fractional tubing, is hollow, round tubing used to transfer fluids, air, or solids. It is used in the medical, lab, food, dairy, aeronautical, and manufacturing industries. Industrial wall tubing is the most common type of metal… Learn More

Metal tubing is sized according to outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID). OD refers to the exterior dimension of a round tube, from outside edge to outside edge. ID refers to the interior dimension of a round tube, from interior wall to interior wall.

Fractional tubing comes in a variety of materials which are selected for their compatibility with fittings, environment, and product being transferred. Fractional tubing is commonly made with various grades of stainless steel, which is strong and corrosion-, and scale-resistant, or aluminum, which is lightweight, has good strength, is weldable, and resists cracking and corrosion. Copper, brass and titanium materials are also used.

Wall thickness of fractional tubing refers to the thickness of the tubing wall. The formula used to calculate wall thickness is OD minus ID, divided by two ([OD-ID]/2). For example, tubing with an OD of 4.0" and an ID of 3.83" would have a wall thickness of 0.085 inches.

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